How To Get A Boyfriend

How To Get A Boyfriend

When trying to figure out how to get a boyfriend the first thing you need to realize is that there are many many fish in the sea.  Not every guy you like will like you back, but thats the benefit of having an unlimited amount of guys to choose from.  (evil grin)

You've made the first step in learning how to get a boyfriend by reading this guide.  First step is taken care of!  Progress already!

First let me tell you why I am qualified to write this guide (I'll be brief).  Back in 2006 I conducted a 6 month long experiment (a book titled "How to get a boyfriend" is in the works).  In this experiment I went "under cover".  I tried to find as many guys to date as I could, and I changed certain aspects of my personality for each guy I went out with.

For some guys I was cute and silly, for other guys I was a total stuck up (insert B word here), I was controlling for some guys and I was insecure for some of them as well.  In the 6 month period I dated a total of 97 different guys and they had no idea they were helping me write by how to get a boyfriend book. (evil evil grin)  Ranging from 4 years younger than me to 7 years older. I studied many different personality traits and based on that I was able to come up with a formula.  A secret formula on how to get a boyfriend.

There are two ways you can go about getting a boyfriend, and I'm going to tell you both of them.  There pro's and cons to both methods.  I will have detailed information in my book; "How to get a boyfriend" (Will be out in December)

FIRST METHOD: If you already know the guy you like, or if you know the type of guy you want to date then study him (or whichever type he is).  Remember high school?  Remember the jocks, the punks, the pot heads, the party animal, the "emo boys"?  Think back (if you're still in school than consider yourself lucky).

Think back to all of the different personality traits you have come across in your life time.  Figure out which one you would like to date, or figure out which catagory your guy is in.  Now over the next few days or weeks I want you to study them and find out the kind of girls they like.

Find out they dress, talk, walk, what they do, where they hang out, etc.  Based on that you can form a new "personality" catered to the particular guy.  This is not being yourself and can make some people feel miserable, while others enjoy it.

For a complete and more detailed guide check out my "How to get a boyfriend or girlfriend" guide.

Please come back soon and I will continue the "How To Get A Boyfriend" series.  I will talk more about method one, and I will go into method two (which is being yourself).

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Thanks for stopping by - Learning how to get a boyfriend can be fun huh?

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